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What is a preorder ?
The product is not marketed, it will be only if the demand is large enough. This is why pre-orders exist : to clearly quantify this demand. The advantage of pre-ordering is to be at the front row for the rest of the events, without spending anything. Only if the goal is reached will you be asked to turn your preorder into a real order. But you have of course the right to refuse. The pre-orders are free and without commitments, the price is only indicative.

What is the deadline for delivery?
We can not predict a date.

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SKU: pack-bedcar-3-concours-lepine-en


This unique and universal pack includes a telescopic frame, the straps and a slatted bed base.

The mattress is no longer included in the pack to allow you to choose or keep your own mattress.
We recommend a self-inflating or inflatable mattress on the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle for occasional use, in order to be able to fold it in the trunk without bulk. If, however, your installation is almost permanent, then you can use a real mattress that does not bend. Compatible sizes range from 90 to 140cm for width, and from 40 to 190cm for length.

Maximum weight guaranteed : 180 kg

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 94 × 50 × 15 cm