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     The bed that fits your car


Search a buyer

After a first assessment, it turns out that BEDCAR is today a too small company to be able to satisfy the market. That is why I choose to date to put the company and its patent for sale. My goal is to find a buyer with a more experienced structure who can mass produce to lower prices and finally offer you a product in stock. I hope that you will always be numerous to indicate your purchase intent to prove that there is demand. The negotiations are open.


Infos  The Bedcar is a universal equipment that can transform a car in a double bed.

No planning to do. The product is placed in the trunk floor on thick 15 cm leaving room for luggage. When needed, is folded seats and the telescopic frame is pulled forward. is unfolded feet. The trapeze fit. It inflates the mattress with a compressor connected to the cigarette lighter and the bed is made. All in less than 5 minutes.

Simple and cost effective, it offers to all roaming and other festival-goers the chance to sleep anywhere, anytime, comfortably and safely in their vehicle, the van to the Clio.